Hey, Let’s Just Go A Different Direction on Election Day.

Consider the eloquence of Thomas Jefferson, the stature of George Washington, the brilliance of John Adams, the analytical mind of James Monroe, and the moral gravity of Abraham Lincoln. And then consider our current president, DJT. Go ahead. Do it.


5 thoughts on “Hey, Let’s Just Go A Different Direction on Election Day.

    • In a word, no. He hasn’t accepted the idea so far. This is a man who refuses to accept science and basic facts. His followers have already rejected the media, academics, science, ethical behavior, and the democratic system. They believe in a self-fulfilling prophesy that strong forces are out to destroy their cult leader. His defeat will be proof of that and when he very reluctantly leaves office this January, he will lead a group of dissenters by way of rallies, Fox News, and social media for years. It will be terrible, but at least he will be out of office. For years, the Republican party will be plagued by a pitiful conversation about whether or not they should support a Trumper/ Tea Party candidate. And meanwhile their numbers will dwindle and dwindle– further reinforcing their belief that they are fighting for the true American. For years, they will be the party of white grievance and maybe even insurrection. It will be ugly. I’m not looking forward to it. Can I move to Europe, Geno? Are things any better there?


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