I’m what I call a polyaesthephile, * or a person who is actively and passionately pursuing multiple aesthetic forms simultaneously. I’m an artist, cartoonist, writer, educator, musician, and performer (yes, I’ve been paid for all of those). I also invent games and many other things; like I helped make two children. I find that humor and the creative arts are the most powerful tools for fashioning a better future. As a satirist and educator, I don’t mind provoking, but as a nonviolentist and people-pleaser, I don’t mind apologizing. You might call me a life artist, cosmic curator, or omnologist.**

* polyaesthephile: (see my Original Glossary: https://fantasymapblog.com/glossary/)

** omnologist: one who studies everything (again, see Original Glossary for this and more words I’ve invented.)  

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