Some Favorite Links

  •  David Small (one of my favorite contemporary professional illustrators): David Small
  •  Joe Ciardiello (another one of my favorite contemporary professional illustrators): Ciardiello
  •   Richard Nickel, an amazing artist and friend of mine: Nickel
  • This is the blog of Rob Hoose, a friend of mine and talented artist: Doodlehoose
  • Check out Brad Craddock’s terrific book, Curse of the Dark Woods On Sale Now  and the terrific sequel, Revenge of the Dark WoodsOn Sale Now
  • My friend Cece McFarland’s photography (she’s also a professional theater director): McFarland
  • My friend, Virginia Monte’s awesome new theater company, Wallbyrd Theater: Wallbyrd
  • One of the definitive Ed Wood websites, created by my friend, Philip R. Frey: Ed Wood Online
  • Here’s an article in which my cousin, a naturalist around the Pittsburgh area, was quoted. Naturalist
  • My friend Bill’s YouTube channel. He’s got some cool flying videos here: DroneCamera
  • Cool local jewelry artistJewelry
  • Random videos by someone I know: Videos
  • With Noteflight, you can write your own music: Noteflight
  • The best comprehensive Alfred Hitchcock site: MacGuffin
  • Great short videos featuring really neat geeky things about the world: Real Life Lore
  • This was the brainchild of a former student’s husband, a site devoted to slowing down and noticing the worldSlow Road Travel
  • Map of our part of the Milky Way Galaxy: Star Map