Original Publications

The first 15 minutes of this video is a “RED Talk” I did in the fall of 2018 titled “What’s So Important about the Arts and Humanities?”


Watching Cosmic Time in Midcentury Suspense Films: Hitchcock, Welles, and Reed (In Progress)



“Silences in Brian Friel’s Translations” in Silence and the Silenced: Interdisciplinary Studies (Studies on Themes and Motifs in Literature)

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“B.T. Roberts’s Real Estate Debts” in Earnest: An Interdisciplinary Work Inspired by the Life and Teachings of B.T. Roberts: B.T. Roberts On Sale Now



The dominating clock

Click here for Norman Holland’s work: It’s really cool when you get your first academic in your field to reference your original scholarship.


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Click here for Critical Commons: Critical Commons posting on The Hudsucker Proxy (for In Media Res)


These are reviews I wrote for Afterimage: The Journal of Media Arts and Cultural Criticism, University of California Press (2016-2017)

This briefly quotes me as an attender of an academic publishing symposium: Publish or Perish Symposium


I contributed 50 illustrations to the book Grant Writing from the Ground Up by Damon Diehl (2021). 


This is a book written about legendary writer John Milton by C. Harold Hurley. I illustrated the cover.

Milton's on the Morning of Christ's Nativity and the Tradition of English Poetry on This ...


This is the inscription of my personal copy by the author, my friend and mentor.

Publisher’s Site: Mellen Press

Also available here: Abe Books


Here’s one of my original poems, titled “Cosmos,” which appeared in the September 2020 issue of the poetry journal Prometheus Dreaming: https://www.prometheusdreaming.com/poetry-issue-2-5?pgid=ke5ih8p4-f0d6bee3-f143-4bab-8504-c9eb7f47b8fb